"My experience with this program has been excellent. I’ve gained a wealth of information and knowledge from my professors and I’ve interacted with classmates from all over the World. I highly recommend this MBA program to anyone searching for a challenging yet flexible program.”
Cassaberry-Furby, New York City

“This is a real MBA I am working toward, and I’d put this curriculum against any others. This MBA will let me take the next step up the ladder.”
Michael M.Reiners, US Government Employee.

“This program is a godsend. I can avoid transit time to and from a university as well as work on assignments and ‘attend’ classes anywhere in the World.. I am also very impressed with the professionalism of the VBU faculty and support staff. It’s a first-rate program!”
S.Mark Bolton , Heath, Ohio

“I think the program is the best thing since sliced bread, and you can’t beat the flexibility! Using the knowledge of the VBU MBA, I hope to quit my city job and make my small aquaculture farm very profitable.”
Linda Kochi V., Entrepreneur, Hawaii

"VBU's External MBA program was terrific and I tell all my friends about it. I formed strong online relationships with people from all over the world including my classmates, my instructors and my University Alliance program representative, Renee Rodgers. After talking to and working with Renee for over a year, it was great to finally meet her in person. She helped me so much along the way."
Susian Mullin, Boston

“The VBU program gave me the flexibility to work around my professional and personal schedule. I hope to utilize my education in improving my practice and recognizing the limitations of improper planning and self-assessment.”
Aron M.D. Levine, MD, Houston


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