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Background & Aims :

Welcome to the Victoria Brooke Alumni Association. Since 1876, Victoria Brooke has prepared over
300,000 successful graduates for higher education through its comprehensive range of internationally recognised courses ranging from pre-university to diploma and degree courses. Being one of the oldest and most distinguished private institutions in World offering Distance Learning, Victoria Brooke initiated the formation of an alumni to establish a permanent link to its ex-Victorian

The Online Alumni was registered on April 22, 1998 as Victoria Brooke Alumni Association with the following aims:

  • To provide a platform for social and educational activities
  • To provide an avenue for business linkages and networking
  • To keep members and their families abreast with the education scene and see how the Association can help members and their families
  • To maintain a permanent link between the members of the Association and Victoria Brooke University
  • To collect and periodically disseminate such news as maybe of interest to the members
  • To provide a list of the addresses to all members
  • To keep members up-to-date with Victoria Brooke campuses as well as their departments and faculty


Copyright 2002-2005 Victoria Brooke University. All rights reserved.


Copyright 2002-2005 Victoria Brooke University All rights reserved